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Top 5 crypto community-building strategies

Top 5 crypto community-building strategies No one can deny that the cryptocurrency industry is a highly competitive market with many new projects launching every day. With a very high business mortality rate, newcomers in the space should bring their A-game, not only in terms of the technological innovation they want to offer but also in building a community of believers that will support their initiative. The community plays a vital part in ensuring the success of any crypto project. It serves as the primary source of its demand as well as its main social media defender when attacked. Unknown to many outsiders, the cryptocurrency society is not one homogeneous unit that rallies behind one cryptocurrency. In reality, it is highly fragmented, made up of smaller groups that support various projects. Unsurprisingly, the biggest communities are from the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market such as bitcoin, ethereum, and XRP communities. Members of these communities are very passionate and are steadfast to defend their supported projects when anyone tries to malign its credibility or try to put it in a bad light.